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Centerboard Yacht Club (CYC) is a non-profit organization located in South Portland, Maine, with shore frontage and a mooring field in Portland Harbor. Founded in 1937 as a sailboat racing club, CYC has evolved into an organization that promotes all aspects of yachting, both sail and power. Its facilities are maintained by club members through various 'work parties' held during the boating season. CYC also promotes numerous social events throughout the year, including club cruises, local sailing regattas and weekly sailboat races in Casco Bay.


CYC Tropical Storm Plans

Hello Centerboarders:  Many of you have been monitoring the approach of Tropical Storm Jose over recent days. It is possible that out little corner of the Eastern Seaboard could be influenced by this storm during the middle days of this week.  

It is difficult to predict, but boating members should be aware of this possibility and be prepared to take action if it turns into a ‘wind event’ for our waterfront and mooring field.   

Members should be mindful that in such a situation launch service could be interrupted or discontinued and some aspects of our routine activities and services could also be effected.  It may become difficult to gain access to individual boats if launch operators cannot make safe landings on boats or docks. 

The National Hurricane Center is forecasting winds of 20-30 mph for Wednesday with gusts to 40 knots Wednesday night..  

In light of that we are asking members to keep all boats off the CYC  main floats beginning Tuesday evening until Thursday.  This does not apply to dinghy floats, but members are advised to secure their own vessels.  Depending on conditions launches may be moved to moorings during maximum wind hours. 

Again, it is difficult to predict what conditions will be like.  It may turn out to be nothing more than a wet, breezy day.  These are precautionary measures. 

Stay tuned. 

Greg Walsh

vice commodore

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