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Winter cover frame "kit"

Saturday, September 16, 2023 10:36 | Anonymous member

WINTER COVER FRAME kit for 30-35' boat, using standard 3/4” electrical Conduit.  Includes: 10x KoverKlamps (attach to stanchions and then to conduit), 20x FrameMaker Tees (connects bent conduit "ribs" and center rail of conduit), 20x Conduit Couplings (to connect the longitudinal lengths of conduit), 40x Conduit Straps (to connect the ribs to additional longitudinal conduit), 50x 1” hose clamps (to connect the straps to the conduit). Retail value $295. All you need to complete your high quality boat cover system are lengths of 3/4” conduit, a bending tool, tube cutter, and a tarp. PRICE: $150. SAVE MONEY ON SHRINKWRAP! 

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