Centerboard Yacht Club (CYC) is a non-profit organization located in South Portland, Maine, with frontage and mooring field in Portland Harbor. Founded in 1937 as a sailboat racing club, CYC has evolved into an organization that promotes all aspects of yachting, both sail and power. Its facilities are maintained by club members through various 'work parties' held during the boating season. CYC also promotes numerous social events throughout the year, including club cruises, local sailing regattas and weekly sailboat races in Casco Bay.

Annoucements (updated November 19th)

  • The Past Commodores' Lobster Stew and Club Meeting will be held on Friday December 5th.

  • Please note that the Events Page has been moved to the Members only section of the Website.  Please log-in to check the status of Club Events.
  • Please make sure that the gate is closed at all times

A new cypher lock has been installed on the door facing the parking lot as an interim measure.  Please make sure that all doors are locked when you leave the building.

The code was changed today (Nov 6th) and can be found in the Members only section of the site.

  • Video Security

The new video security system is up and working so smile when you walk past the cameras!

  • Effective November 1st, all boats need to be off of their moorings. 

The rules and regulations of the port, enacted by the State Legislature and enforced by the Harbormaster, state that all boats must be off their mooring by November 1st.  Specifically, the regulation states that:
 Section 21.4 - Restrictions on Use of Moorings during winter
No vessel or boat may occupy a mooring between November 1st and March 30th (the “Winter Mooring Period”) except that this prohibition shall not apply:
(a)     To commercial fishing vessels or other commercial vessels; or
(b)     To vessels which have received permission from the Harbor Master to extend their use of moorings during part or all of the Winter Mooring Period.

If you have any question or concerns, please contact the Vice Commodore.


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