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Composting Head- Used 1 season. $450

Saturday, February 23, 2019 09:26 | Anonymous member

White C-Head purchased in 2018 and used 1 season. It separates urine into a 1-gallon milk/water jug. It comes with the rest of the bag of wood shavings I bought at the pet store. There is a crank handle that inserts and mixes the compost. The compost lasts the whole season and sits over winter and then you just dump it in the garden and clean it for the new season. The gallon fills in one day with several people or maybe 2 days of 2 people cruising. You can see the level in the front so you know when to dump it. Very little smell and we totally love it- but we bought a bigger boat! It was $675 with shipping. Go to the website and look at the description and footprint of the basic C-head: http://c-head.com

Get rid of your smelly holding tank!
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